What is an Advisor?

Advisor is a special user role that has full admin permissions for your entire company. What makes Advisors different than normal admins is they don't have a profile and don't appear in the people directory like regular employees. They can't request time off or submit expenses like a normal employee. Advisors are not included in your monthly bill.

What are Advisors for?

If you have an external HR consultant or Payroll manager you can invite them to your company as an Advisor. This will give them access to your company so they can manage all aspects of your Air account such as adding or editing employees, reviewing expenses or time off requests, or exporting payroll data.

Alternatively, if you are an HR consultant and are setting up Air for your clients you can set yourself as an Advisor so you can manage the company without appearing as an employee.

What permissions does an Advisor have?

An Advisor can has all the same permissions as an Admin. See more info here. As a summary, Advisors can:

  1. See, access, edit all apps and settings throughout Air.

  2. Add and remove employees, admins, and other advisors.

  3. See and edit all data about all users.

  4. Add, edit, and request documents for all users. 

  5. Add and edit files on the Company Profile app.

  6. Add and edit time-off policies and time off settings.

  7. Approve or decline all holiday requests in the company.

  8. Manage company account (plan, billing information, coupons, etc) 

How to set an Advisor?

  1. Go to an employees profile

  2. Go to the Job Details tab

  3. In the Account section, use the Permissions dropdown to select Advisor.

  4. Click save and confirm.

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