There are three permission settings in Air: Admin, Manager, and Employee. 


An employee can:

  1. See all their own personal information only.

  2. Edit all personal information except job details and salary information.

  3. Upload requested files to their own profile.

  4. See biography and links for all employees.


A manager can:

  1. See (but not edit) data about employees they manage (their team).

  2. Approve or decline holiday requests for their team.

  3. See biography and links for all employees.

  4. They cannot see payroll or file data. 


An admin can: 

  1. See and edit all data about all employees.

  2. Add, edit, and delete employees.

  3. Add new admins and managers.

  4. Change permission settings from admin/manager/employee for any user on Air.

  5. Add files to employees profiles. 

  6. Request files from employees. 

  7. Upload files to the Company app.

  8. Add new time-off policies.

  9. Change time-off policy settings.

  10. Approve or decline all holiday requests in the company.

  11. Add time-off time to an employee's policy.

  12. Manage company account (plan, billing information, coupons, etc) 


An advisor can: 

  1. See and do everything that an admin can.

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