Air will take you step-by-step through setting up a time off policy. Below is a summary of steps.

How to create a policy:

When you first use the Time off app you will be guided through setting up your first time off policy.

If you want to create another policy:

  1. Go to Time off app

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click "Add policy"

Policy setup steps:

  1. Select holidays that your company offers to employees. When employees book time off on these days they won't be deducted from time off balance.

  2. Configure work schedule: what days do employees on this policy work and how many hours do they work per day. This is used so Air knows when, and how much, time to deduct from employee balances when they book time off.

  3. Select the types of time off employees can book. For example: holiday, sickness, personal leave, flex-time, etc...

  4. Configure the rules for each type of time off. Rules are how employees earn and use time off.

  5. Select which employees to assign to this policy. Employees you assign will be given all the holidays and time off types in the policy. Employees can only be assigned to one policy at a time.

  6. Set the date when this policy should become active. This is when employees are given their allowance and can start booking time off. This date is very important because it is each employees "Starting balance" is enabled. See next step.

  7. Review and confirm each employee's allowance and starting balance. Allowance is the total time off they receive per holiday year. Starting Balance is how much time they should have when the time off policy becomes active. For example: if you're starting to use Air in the middle of a year, and you've already tracked holidays outside of Air, you can adjust their balance to reflect that.

  8. Repeat step #7 for each type of time off on this policy.

  9. The policy is created.

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