When you first set up a time off policy you'll be asked to select which employees to assign to it.

If you want to assign employees to a new policy or assign a policy to a new employee, follow these steps:

Assign employees to a new policy: 

  1. Go to the Time off app

  2. Select the Settings tab

  3. Click on "Eligibility"

  4. Select the employees you want to add to the policy

Assign a new employee to a policy:

  1. When you create a new employee you can choose which policy to assign them to. You'll see a "Time off" tab during the add employee wizard.


Employees can only be assigned to one time off policy. 

Example: you have a policy to give more holiday days to long serving employees and you want to set up a holiday policy in Air. To do this:

  1. Create a new policy with the required total number of days and assign it only to the employees it applies to.

  2. Remove these employees from any previously assigned holiday policies. 

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