When someone leaves your company for any reason (e.g. resignation, termination, contract ended, etc) you can use the offboarding function to archive their account. 

This means that employee's data and files are archived on the system but they won't show up on your team's dashboard. Also, the employee won't be able to login to your company. 

To offboard an employee:

  1. Go to your dashboard or the People app

  2. Select the employee you want to offboard

  3. Select the "Job Details" tab

  4. In the "Account" section, click the pencil icon

  5. Click "Offboard"

  6. Set the employee's leaving date, the reason for offboarding, and (optionally) a note. When you're finished, click "Save".

  7. Click "Save changes" to complete offboarding. At this point we'll send a notification to admins and the employees manager about this employees leaving date.

Key terms:

  1. Offboarding is a record-keeping action that moves the employee from active status to "Offboarded" or "Pending Offboarding". 

  2. End date is the field, which contractor or temp/intern employee has in profile. It's optional field and needs only to send reminder to admins when the date is coming.

  3. Leaving date is a final date this employee will be contractually employed by the company, defined through Offboarding process (see below). 

  4. Pending Offboarding is an employee state, when an admin set employee's leaving date, which hasn't passed yet. 

  5. Re-activation is a flow when Offboarded employee becomes "Active" state. 

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