If you want to set up more than one policy with different settings, follow the instructions below for each holiday policy you want to set up.
Remember, only one holiday policy should be assigned to each employee, or the balances will be incorrect. 

  1. Select Time Off

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Add Policy and name your policy

  4. Use the check boxes to select which company holidays are given under this policy (if any)

  5. Select the work schedule for employees on this policy

  6. Set the working hours.

  7. Select holiday or sickness or both

  8. Click the pencil to edit the days required

  9. Click Save and Continue

  10. Select the employees who can book time off under this policy, you can select individually or all employees

  11. Use the calendar to select the date that the policy will be effective from

  12. Click save and continue

  13. Review the employees balances, if all is OK, click Save and Continue

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