Air's org chart shows the structure of your business and the relationships and relative ranks of your people and their roles.

Air's org chart is really easy to set up: all you need to do is set each employee's manager and employees will appear below their manager in the chart.

Set your employee's managers:

  1. Go to an employee's profile.

  2. Select the "Job Details" tab.

  3. In the "Team & Manager" section, click the pencil icon to edit the section.

  4. Choose the employee's manager from the dropdown menu.

  5. Click Save Changes. 

View your org chart:

  1. From your dashboard, choose the People app.

  2. Select "Org Chart" from the menu on the left.

  3. Click "Expand all" to see everyone or click on any number (below people's names) to expand that employee's direct reports.

  4. Click and drag to scroll around the chart. 



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